Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary

Extra Credit 1

 Of all the artworks from the Magritte : The Mystery of the Ordinary gallery the one that i chose was the Girl Eating Bird ( Pleasure). This painting skirts the lines between reality and fantasy because it uses nature and a human which lives in the natural world , but the fantasy part comes into play with the girl eating a bird for pleasure. This picture is basically expressing the tie between what is built in to be right and wrong apart from what it actually is. For example , in reality no person goes outside picks up a bird and eats it , finding it pleasurable. Yet, if we were not taught to right from and just lived as human beings this may have been a normality for us. This painting crosses ties between reality and fantasy because it takes things from the relative realm or what we have been taught to see as ordinary or natural and warps it into fantasy by adding imagination or the unthinkable.

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