Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Illustration Collage project #3

The story I chose was about a woman's personal experience during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. In this story she explains how she was working in the towers on the 99th floor watching the first plane flying toward her window. she then went onto explain how her  boss saved the lives of a few of her co-workers and herself by leading them to a staircase as the first plane came toward the building. The woman then goes on to tell about the events that took place the following day and the phone call she had gotten from her boss's son saying that his father had never made it home. He had made it out of the building but i was hit by falling debris when letting a man use his phone.With my collage i tried to illustrate the story line by collecting all the information from the story and breaking down the important parts. for example the background is an actual image someone had taken from their cellphone of the second plane going into the tower. This event was actually taking place at the time Labetti had been running down the stairs from the 99th floor with her coworkers. I added a target like swirl over that image to show confusion and to also display how every innocent person in that building was a target that day. I then added a picture of people frantically running down stairs to show what i envisioned when Labetti said that she and her colleagues were running down the exit as the plane was coming toward the building. Below that i added a tomb stone which represents the Boss that had saved them and all the people that were lost in that historic moment. There is also a phone ringing off the hook to show the frantic phone calls that had been going off and the phone call that Labetti had received from her Bosses son. And Lastly I added the wings for the Boss Ron who sacrificed himself for his co-workers.

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