Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chelsea's Galleries Reaction Field trip 5

    While at Chelsea's Art Galleries we were allowed to channel our inner artist by going around pretending to be Art Collectors. With this role we were to choose two art works from two of the galleries we went to and decide wether we would buy these pieces or not based on our Aesthetic Emotions.  The Two Galleries that I chose my Art Works from were the post culture with Artists Tamar Halpern and Torben Ribe , and The Tanya Bonakdar gallery which hosted Art Works from Artists Sol Lewitt.

      From the Post Culture gallery I the artwork that i chose as one that struck an aesthetic emotion in me was the Tamar Halpern Degradation of Film made in 2013.This piece was made with Ultrachrome ink, linen and archival ink jet paper on linen ; its dimensions are 68 × 58 in. This of the many pieces that i saw is definitely one that I would like to have in my house for personal keeping. I chose this one because its different it varies in textures and colors and it doesn't have a focal point it keeps the eye moving and the color choice used adds to its limits of attraction.

    For the second Art work that I chose it was one that was really weird in a sense after i learned what it was. at first glance looking at it in the Gallery i was confused as to what was going on with this piece. There was this beautiful painting , but it was being blocked by a fern. This is definitely one piece that i wouldn't have chosen to purchase or display anywhere because the tree standing in front of the painting although it may be cool by choice isn't the best because the idea of it blocking that beautiful painting is crazy to me , like what was Ribe's   point or idea for putting that tree in front of his work. For example in the image on the left the Fern really looks out of place. There was on moment where i had to peek behind it and thats what really got to me like really ! WHY IS THERE A FERN HERE IS THIS APART OF THE ART WORK . On the Left is an actual image that I took myself of the Artwork behind the Tree. Its vibrant eye catching colors would have deemed it a great seller in my eyes butt i guess the tree was the focal point.

  From the Sol Lewitt galley the two pieces that I chose were both art works created by him and they were totally different from anything that I had seen at the other Galleries . The First piece was the piece that i had chosen to either sell or keep for my own personal flattery because it was a piece that i would enjoy seeing in my home when I woke up. I really found this work of art to be one of my favorites because of its size , the fact that it stood so tall taking up the entire wall along with the vibrant color pallet just made it amusing to the eye. This Piece is called Wall drawing #564. It was made in Venice Italy on June 15 and its a Color ink was . Fun Fact : Lewitt wasn't the first Artist to create the Wall drawing so its not originally his. In the picture i chose to display the artwork it actually shows how tall the artwork is compared to the normal human being so I found this one kinda cool.        
      For my least favorite from that Gallery i chose the Sol Lewitt 12x12x1 to 2x2x6 created in the 1990s. its a painted wood artwork that stands 98x37x57 1/2 in.this was the most boring piece of all the artworks in that area because everything else was not boring and that one piece was just well there, it seemed oddly out of place and had a very bland organic look to it . where as all the other Sol Lewitt art works were of vibrant colors and were intriguing to the eye . This is not a piece I would want in my house because it doesn't fit in with my idea of Art , nor does it cause any Aesthetic Emotion when i see it. it just looks like a blueprint or model of some sort or building to me

  Tamar Halpern 
" Degradation of Film "

  Torben Ribe 
" Composition With Tree "

  Sol Lewitt 
" Wall Drawing "564 : Complex forms with color ink washes superimposed"

   Sol Lewitt 
" 12x12x1 TO 2x2x6 " 

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