Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Les Galleries - Class Trip #4

Les Galleries - Class Trip #4

Les Galleries in comparison to the Galleries in Chelsea had many differenced.  The work in Les Galleries seemed to be more abstract in comparison to those in Chelsea’s galleries.  The art work that I saw in the Les galleries had more of an urban feel and a grabbed my attention more than those that i saw at Chelsea's galleries. Les Galleries no matter what art gallery we went into had at least one piece of  art that i could see myself owning personally if I were wealthy. it consisted of a lot more art that i could actually see myself having in my own home. Although the spaces that the art works are kept in were both of similar size the art works that costumed the spaces were totally different.Being that Les galleries are found on Canal street it turned out to be exactly what i expected. Urban, Chic, and to say the least cool, which is the vibe that area gives off. One gallery that really caught my attention was the Hyon Gyon , Shin Gallery. It was in my opinion the most creative of them all. The ideas behind the artwork, the color choices and the overall themes of the gallery made me not want to leave. Where as Chelseas galleries was found on the upper east side for a less cultural group. These galleries focused more on historical art in a sense that wasn't as interesting as those of the Les Galleries. Although a lot of the art works in these two galleries were different in appearance they made up for it by comparing in price. Even though the artist that made these pieces were fresh faces their pieces went for thousands.

This is one of the pieces that I saw while in the Hyon Gyon Shin gallery. This piece is called " Phantoms on Parade" and was actually created this year along with a lot of the other art pieces that were in the Les Galleries , which could be why the were so appealing. due to the time period differences between the art in the two galleries.

This is one of the pieces found in chelseas galleries. This piece is called "Degradation of film" by Tamar Halpern. as you can see although different and abstract in a way . it isn't as mind provoking or attractive as the Gyon painting above.




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